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    Mid-Star Gas Cylinders

    Founded in 1997, Zhongxing Holding Group is a high-tech and innovative enterprise with three subsidiaries.: Med-star corporation produces medical portable oxygen concentrators ; Mid-star corporation focus on manufacturing high pressure seamless aluminium alloy gas cylinders, and there is also an valve factory.
    In 2020, Mid-star corporation invested 30 million RMB to establish new workshops and purchase advanced facilities, we have now more than 100 employees, including 20% R&D staff. We implement a strict and complete quality control system to test and inspect every product before shipment. All our products meet the requirements of ISO7866, DOT-3AL, BS5045-8 and other standards.
    Our primary products and markets include food&beverage, medical oxygen, industrial gases, fire extinguisher and SCUBA. The cylinders are manufactured from T6 tempered 6061 aluminum alloy, due to its high strength and high corrosion resistance, our aluminum cylinders are environmentally friendly, safer and lighter than comparable steel cylinders.
    Thank you for trusting Zhongxing and choosing Mid-Star Gas Cylinders.